By Heather Wise



Standin’ on the edge
of the Golden Gate bridge
The wind is blowin’
and the fog’s rollin’ in

Starin’ out across the bay
How did things get this way
I don’t know
But I feel so far away 

Sittin’ by the railroad tracks
Feelin’ like I can’t go back
Hear the whistle blow
Where can I go? 

Starts to rain
I can see the train
Will it take away my pain? 

If I fall into despair
You’re still there 

Our home, Eternity
Does not fall away

Dark in the night
And I can’t see the moon
Even from the window of my bedroom

Up all night
Can’t see the light
My eyes are open
But I’ve lost my sight 

Maybe I can see
What’s shinin’ in me

Our Home, Eternity
Does not fall away 

We don’t have to fear
That we’ll find no place to return to
Because we fell away

Even when we’ve lost our ground to stand on
You stay

Strap on a bomb
Say good-bye to mom
The air is dry
And there’s sand stuck in my eye

Go into a crowded place
Then I see someone’s face
And I don’t want to die



This song is based on Augustine's Confessions.  We don't have to fear falling away from God, because God does not fall away.  I especially thought that if we can relate human to human, we can choose life.


Heather Wise, duet vocal and acoustic guitar
Michael Wilhoite, duet vocal
Steve Lewis, electric guitar
Jordan Scannella, electric bass
Jay Frederick, drums and shaker

Recorded/Mixed at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley, NY by Matthew Cullen
Mastered at Avatar Studios, NYC by Fred Kevorkian