1. Stay

From the recording Stay



All the tender moments that we sharedMight evaporateThe sun is hot and it’s beating downSomething I did not anticipate 
So I choose to lose the fightTo win the war with you 
You can stayOr you can go awayI’m going to stay trueStay
Nothing left to believe inAll my hope’s been drained awayI need more than a reasonTo get up and face another day

So I wait for you to take meFurther than I’ve been 
You can stay or you can go awayBut I’m gonna let you inTo stay
I wanna seeYou comin’ for meBut I’ve gotta let you go 
You can stayOr you canGo awayI’m gonna stay 

This song started out of one situation and ended up being about something else that took me by surprise. 
Bonus track version recorded 100% live.  Me and Steve.
Heather Wise, vocalSteve Lewis, electric and acoustic guitarsJordan Scannella, electric bassJay Frederick, drums
Recorded/Mixed at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley, NY by Matthew CullenMastered at Avatar Studios, NYC by Fred Kevorkian