1. Easy Road

From the recording Easy Road



The road may not be pavedBut you know what they sayYou don’t want to goWhere that road’s goin’ anyway 
So pick up where you areStart drivin’ your own carFollow where the signs point to goOut beyond the Easy Road 
You don’t have to barterPlay masochist or martyr[Or] take the road less traveledJust because it’s harder 
You can switch your gearsTurn off over hereFollow where the signs point to goOut beyond that Easy Road 
La-la-laOut beyond that easy road 
Join the traffic flowGo where you want to goYou can go fast or you can take it slow

Give yourself a green lightDo not fear the dark nightSet your sights and goOut beyond the Easy Road 
La-la-laOut beyond the easy road 
I don’t know what’s comin’ ‘round the bendI don’t know where this road ends
I don’t know, I don’t knowOnly know I’ve got to goOut beyond the Easy Road 
Once you find your easeHair blowin’ in the breezeYou’ll find you enjoy the scenery
Once you’re in your flowGoing where you want to goYou’ll seeBetter yet, you’ll know
You’re on the Easy Road

This was one of the first songs I wrote on the guitar after teaching myself to play.  Simple chords, but I was thrilled to be able to play something other than the twangy one note at a time I had been playing.  
Find your own easy road, where you can be who you are and get to where you want to go.  
Heather Wise, lead vocal and acoustic guitarMichael Wilhoite, backing vocalSteve Lewis, electric guitarJordan Scannella, electric bassJay Frederick, drums and conga, shakers
Recorded/Mixed at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley, NY by Matthew CullenMastered at Avatar Studios, NYC by Fred Kevorkian