1. Ready

From the recording Ready



Your lips are sweeter than wineYour body is divineEvery move you makeCauses my earth to quake 
Lay hold of my branchesClimb up my treeLet’s get to the root of Jesse 
Do not awaken love beforeBefore she is readyReady 
The pomegranate’s ripe nowAnd it’s dripping its juiceCome into your gardenTaste its fruits 
Many waters cannot quench loveNeither can the floods drown it

Between you and meLove’s a mysteryWhen you’re inside my soulI never want to let you go 
The winter is pastAnd the rain has comeSpring is hereIt’s the season of song
Blossoming of soul and spiritSing our songLet me hear it!O— 
I am yours, my LoveYou are mineMy vineyard is my ownBut I love it when you swing on the vine

I wrote this song for a class in Old Testament and I tried to capture the Song of Songs: it is so completely passionately sexual and so completely, transcendently spiritual.  It is the homage to all of us getting both of these together in ourselves, where they already are!  My most humble love and wishes to you for a connection between the two to continue if you have it or to blossom if you want it.  (P.S. Bonus points for figuring out the meaning of the lyric, “Let’s get to the root of Jesse.”)
Heather Wise, lead vocal and acoustic guitarMichael Wilhoite, backing vocalSteve Lewis, electric guitarJordan Scannella, electric bassJay Frederick, drums
Recorded/Mixed at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley, NY by Matthew CullenMastered at Avatar Studios, NYC by Fred Kevorkian

"Ready" selected as a Top 5 winner in the Acoustic/ Folk category of the 12th Annual Great American Song Contest.