1. Remember

From the recording Remember



Re-memberPut back togetherRememberRemember who you are 
Sometimes we forgetOr the world demands we doBut you still have time yetSo do what you must do 
If you do forgetAs we’re bound to doTake up your regretAnd put it past you 
The body doesn’t lieOn this you can dependListen to its cryAnd you’ll be on the mend 
Once you hear its cryIt will be your friendBreathe with you a sighBe with you to the end

Re-member who you areRemember who  
Bring your fingersBring your toesDon’t forget to bring your noseWho you are I can’t supposeSo remember who you are 
Bring your feetBring your heels, tooBring your heartNow we’re almost throughWith a head on your shoulders youShould remember who you are 
Remember who you areRemember who you areRemember who you are 

We need all of ourselves to be ourselves and sometimes feel detached body and soul. I pictured us as poor stick figures that had fallen apart. (Can someone make me a video of this?!) I especially love hearing Mike’s voice on this—his singing is such an inspiration to me and needed harmonic on this song. Band demanded calypso beat so don’t blame me if you don’t like it—just let go and re-member. (P.S. Don't give up. This was take 12.)
Heather Wise, duet vocalMichael Wilhoite, duet vocalSteve Lewis, electric guitarJordan Scannella, electric bassJay Frederick, drums, shakers, finger cymbals
Recorded/Mixed at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley, NY by Matthew CullenMastered at Avatar Studios, NYC by Fred Kevorkian