1. Time

From the recording Time



I’m trying to findSome time and space to rest my mind 
I’m trying to giveSo much that I can’t liveI’m trying to beSomeone other than me 
I’m trying to learnBut so far I’ve been burnedI’m trying to feelMy way to being real

Don’t worryDon’t hurryTime is on your side
Don’t worryDon’t hurryTime to be alive 
I’m trying to moveBeyond my need to proveSome days I winSome days I can’t begin

The band wanted to do this song.  The only reason I can think that I didn’t was because it was too personal at the time when I wrote it and I didn’t know how to do it.  But they got it.
Heather Wise, lead vocal and pianoMichael Wilhoite, backing vocalSteve Lewis, acoustic guitarJordan Scannella, electric bassJay Frederick, drums, Flintstone drums, gong
Recorded/Mixed at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley, NY by Matthew CullenMastered at Avatar Studios, NYC by Fred Kevorkian