By Heather Wise



What would you say if I said
What would you say if I said

What would you say if I said
You-oo, you-oo
What would you say
What would you do 

What would you say if I told you
Would you say you already knew
Would you stay here and listen
What would you say, what would you do

When I left you this morning
I didn’t even say good-bye
I left without a warning
And even I’m left wond’ring why 

It’s time I take a risk and tell you how I feel
I wasted too much time trying to conceal
I want to know if what we have is real
And if you feel the way I feel

What would you say...

Would you say the time for us has passed
That I’m saying too much, much too late
Would you say that we could never last
Or do you believe in fate

It’s time I take a risk…

What would you say…

Would you say that you love me too (and)
After everything that we’ve been through 
Love’s not in vain
Eases the pain
Everything can be explained, too

It’s time to take a risk… 

I love you!


Oh man if I could tell you who this song is about!  And if I did tell you and you tell anyone, I will deny it!!  Let's just say it involved something like chasing someone down in the airport only to find they were already gone.  This is what I wish I could have said.  We ended up pulling this song out at the last minute and it was one of the most fun to do!  We were dancing around the studio having a ball!  And Jordan played that piano riff that just had to go on the song…thanks, JS.  I hope this song finds its way to TV/'s just so ready for its close-up.


Heather Wise, lead vocal
Michael Wilhoite, backing vocal
Steve Lewis, acoustic guitar
Jordan Scannella, electric bass and piano
Jay Frederick, drums

Recorded/Mixed at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley, NY by Matthew Cullen
Mastered at Avatar Studios, NYC by Fred Kevorkian